Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is BuyTranslations?

BuyTranslations is an online translation marketplace, which can help you earn money by making translations for customers from almost all parts of the world.

Who translates texts on the BuyTranslations online marketplace?

Texts are translated by translators from all over the world - often professional translators who have been working in this field for a long time. You can choose to whom you want to entrust your orders, taking into account work experience, feedback and other important criteria to evaluate the translator.

How quickly will the translation of my text be ready?

The translation will be ready by the deadline that you specified by yourself when creating an order, or faster.

I have an active order open for a long time already, why doesn’t anyone take it?

Perhaps some of the limitations of your order are not enough for the translators to be ready to fulfill them. Try to gradually increase the lead time for the order, and if possible try to increase the budget.

The translator sent his proposal for my order, should I accept it?

Sometimes the translator can offer you to change the price, as well as the terms of the work.

Accept the offer of the translator only if you are satisfied with the proposed conditions.

You are not required to accept an offer from a translator whose terms do not suit you for any reason.

What happens if a translator can’t complete the work on time?

All translators are interested in completing projects on time. A translator who did not finish the work on time loses his rating on the portal and also earns nothing.

If this happens, your order will automatically be available to other translators who can start working with it. At this point, the credits reserved for this order are returned to you on the balance sheet until another contractor has started working with your order.

If the interpreter assumes that for some reason he may not be able to finish the work in time, he can ask you to extend the time of the order. However, you are not required to extend the lead time that was originally given. In this case, only you decide whether you want to extend the lead time.

I received a translation of my text, but I do not like the quality of translation. What should I do?

If you think that the quality of the translation does not match the level you are asking for, then you can send the translation for correction. The translator must make corrections according to your instructions. This process can be repeated as many times as needed. We advise you to try to explain in more detail why the result of the work of the translator does not suit you.

If the third time the work sent does not suit you, you can apply to the Arbitration panel to solve this problem or continue working with the interpreter to get the result that you expect.


What is «Arbitration»?

Arbitration at the BuyTranslations online marketplace is an independent dispute resolution system for disputes between you and the customer that cannot be resolved on your own. The customer or the translator can apply to the Arbitration panel in the event of three or more (depending on the Site settings at the time of the order) orders which need to be corrected by the Freelancer.

When should I apply to Arbitration and how is the dispute resolved?

Customers of the Site may apply to the BuyTranslations Arbitration in cases where the Customer and the Freelancer cannot agree on the completion of the order, namely when the translation provided by the Freelancer in the opinion of the Customer does not meet the requirements stated by the Customer, and the number of completions on the order has reached the established limit. The possibility of applying to the Arbitration panel regarding the order of the Client is available in the following cases:

  • If the Customer asks the Freelancer to correct and/or finalize the translation once again, and the Freelancer believes that he has done his work in accordance with the requested quality and timing, the Freelancer can apply to the Arbitration panel.
  • If the Customer does not see the sense in making further modifications to the order and believes that the quality of the Freelancer translation does not meet the requirements agreed upon in the order, he can also apply to the Arbitration panel.

The BuyTranslations Arbitration panel at its discretion resolves any disputes concerning arrangements and fulfillment of orders between Freelancers and Customers. You agree that the Arbitration decision regarding disputes between you and the other Clients of the site cannot be disputed and is always fair.

The Arbitration of the portal does not provide services for correction of Freelancers' work, nor does it help Freelancers in providing services through the portal. Arbitration does not guarantee profound expert knowledge of the language in which your dispute may arise, but will take all possible measures in order to understand the current disputed situation, familiarize itself with the chronology of the order, materials and other factors and give its verdict in the dispute in favor of the Customer or Freelancer.

What decisions can the Arbitration panel take?

After assessing the situation, the Arbitration panel may make the following decisions:

  1. 1. If it was determined that you performed the work poorly and/or allowed yourself to communicate incorrectly with the customer:

    • The interpreter does not receive payment for the order;
    • An interpreter risks receiving a negative evaluation and a decrease in his rating on the portal;
    • If the interpreter systematically does not execute orders, his profile can be permanently blocked.
    • Your order will automatically be available again for other translators who can start working with it. At this point, the credits reserved for this order are returned to your balance until another contractor has started working with your order.
  2. 2. If it was determined that the work was performed at a sufficient level and/or the customer allowed himself to communicate incorrectly with you, the order is considered to be completed in full. Credits reserved for this order are transferred to your account and the order is automatically closed.

Registration and Password Recovery

How can I sign up?
  1. Go to the page
  2. Enter the desired user name (login), your e-mail address, as well as the randomly generated code to protect against automatic registrations. If you cannot read the code, click on the picture with the code, a new image with the code will appear.
  3. Click the "Register" button.
  4. If you have entered all the information correctly, the system will send an email with instructions on activating your profile on the BuyTranslations website to the e-mail address you provided.
  5. In the e-mail you will see a link you need to click on. If the link cannot be clicked, you can copy it to your browser and click the "Enter" button. After that you will be taken to your profile on the site.
I forgot my password. What should I do?
  1. Go to the page
  2. Enter your e-mail address or your login and click the “Send” button.
  3. The system will send you an email with instructions on how to recover the password.
  4. Follow the instructions in the email and get a new temporary password for logging into the site.
  5. We highly recommend changing this new password to another that only you know.


How do I log in?
  1. Go to the page
  2. Enter your e-mail address or login and your password.
  3. With the "Remember Me" flag active, the system will remember the data entered and automatically authorize you on the next visit to the system.
  4. Click the “Enter” button.

Manage your profile

The profile is managed on the profile page.

How can I change my personal information?
  1. Go to the page
  2. Edit the required fields.
  3. Click the “Update” button.

Please, note the following:

  • The "Login" and "E-mail" fields cannot be changed.
  • Fields marked with "*" must be filled in.
  • If your city/settlement in not in the list of cities, please select the location closest to you from the suggested options. If you wish, you can send us a request to add your location by clicking on the link "Did not find your city? Contact us!". In the window that appears, enter the name and click the "Send" button. After checking, your city/settlement will be added to the list. Later you can change this information in your profile.
How can I change my password?
  1. Go to the page
  2. Enter the current password in the field “Current password”. In the "Enter new password" and "Confirm new password" field, enter the new password. Make sure that the passwords from these fields match.
  3. Click the “Change password” button.

Notification settings

By default, you will receive notifications about all important events that are relevant to you:

  • "Your order is accepted" - notification that the translator has started working on your order.
  • "Translator sent text translation" - notification of receipt of a new finished translation of your text.
  • "There are 24 hours left to receive the translation" - notification of the need to accept the translation or to perform other actions on the order.
  • "Subscription to the newsletter about offers and updates" - updates and offers from BuyTranslations.
  • And other notifications.

All notifications are sent to the mailbox specified in your profile. You can specify additional e-mail addresses in the "Notification settings" section of your profile.

Why am I not getting notifications from the site?

Please check the Spam folder in your email. Check the mail settings so that the notification from the site is not marked as spam.

How to delete my account?

To delete your account click " Delete Profile".

Translation Groups

What are the Translation Groups?

The Translation Groups enable sorting your orders in a way it suits you best.

For instance, you can create groups of orders sorting them by language pairs (from English to Spanish, from Russian to Chinese, etc.), by subjects (IT, advertisement, scientific texts, etc.) or in any other way that you consider to be the most convenient.

Creation of a Translation Group
  1. Go to the webpage
  2. Click on ‘Create a new Translation Group’.
  3. Fill in the 'Group Name' and 'Group Description' field.
  4. Click ‘Continue’.

After creation, you will be redirected to the page of a newly created Translation Group.

Translation Order

How to create an order?
  1. Go to the corresponding Translation Group. If you don’t yet have any Translation Group create one by going to the page
  2. Click the ‘Submit new order’ button.
  3. Enter the main information: name of the order, date of delivery – number of days starting from the beginning of translation, language pair of the translation, native language of translator, subject, level of translator, attach a file or enter some text manually. Then, click the ‘Continue’ button.
  4. On the second step of an order, enter your budget. By default, this number can be filled in automatically based on the general marketplace’s statistics on all previously completed orders. The higher the budget for the translation, the higher the probability that your order will be processed faster than the rest of the orders.
  5. Select the order status: 1) 'Published', i.e. translators will instantly see your order and will be able to work on it; 2) ‘Not published’, i.e. your order will not be published instantly but you will be able to activate it later. Add your comment if you have any additional requirements regarding translation.
  6. You can give your order to your favorites selecting the option ‘Give order to favorites’. Specify the terms of waiting for favorites: if within this period you don’t receive a response from any of your favorites, your order will become available to other translators. You can also select specific translators from the list of favorites.
  7. Click the ‘Create an order’ button or follow the ‘Edit data’ link in order to go back to the first order step.
What will be the format of a translation?

The format of the translation will be as close as possible to the source document.

I have additional wishes for a translator. What should I do?

If you have any specific requirements regarding your order, simply add your comments for a translator on the second step of the order.

Besides, after the work starts, you will also be able to communicate with your translator via messages on the order page.

How do I cancel an order?

You can cancel your order, if it hasn’t been accepted by any translator. In this case, you have a button for order deletion on the page of your order. At that point, your spent credits will be automatically transferred back to your balance.

If your order has been accepted by a translator, you cannot cancel the given order any more.

Favourites and blacklist

What is the favourites list for?

Favorites are translators who you liked to work with, and you prefer to order translations mainly from them.

While creating an order, you can suggest it to favorites selecting one or several translators from a list of favorites, and also by specifying the waiting terms. If within the specified waiting terms any of the selected favorites has started to work on your order, the order will become available to the rest of translators.

You can add a translator to your list of favorites by going to the translator’s profile and clicking ‘Add to favorites’ button.

What is the blacklist for?

A translator who has been added to a blacklist cannot work on your orders. You can add a translator to your blacklist by going to the translator’s profile and clicking ‘Add to blacklist’ button.

Balance refill and credits

You need to have enough credits on your personal balance so translators will be able to work on your orders.

What are credits?

Credits represent an inner currency of the BuyTranslation marketplace. One credit equals 1 USD.

How to top up my balance?

You can top up your balance in the section, the link is next to the balance information. Minimum sum is 10 credits.

Which options can I use to top up my balance?

Payment options are available while choosing the payment method. After effecting the payment, credits will be automatically transferred to your account.

What is a promo-code?

Promo-code is a special code presenting a character sequence which gives you the ability to obtain a bonus when refilling your balance. Please take into account that each promo-code has a limited validity period, i.e. it must be used until a certain date. The promo-code can be used only once for one account.

How to receive a promo-code?

As a rule, promo-codes are being awarded by the administration of the BuyTranslation marketplace in cases of any special events or as additional bonuses after registration.

Withdrawal of Funds

How can I withdraw funds from my balance sheet?

The withdrawal of funds from the balance of the customer is possible only if you delete your account.

If you wish to withdraw funds that may remain after the account has been deleted, please contact the BuyTranslation administration via feedback to discuss possible refund options.

Please, keep in mind that for the withdrawal of funds from the balance of your account will automatically be charged a commission for processing the request at a rate of 5% of the withdrawal amount, but not less than 10 cr.

Work with orders

Instructions on orders
  • You cannot edit your order once the translation has started.
  • For more details on the order, you can use the "Correspondence with the customer" block.
  • It is not allowed to give the translator any personal data for communication outside the BuyTranslation online marketplace. For example, it is forbidden to transfer your email address (email), phone number, name in Skype, or any other means of communication.
  • After downloading a translation, you perform one of the following actions:
    • Close the order - the order becomes closed, and the translator receives his fee for the work.
    • Send for correction — the order goes to "Editing" status. Please specify the reason why you are sending the order for correction. the reason for the correction will be indicated in the "Order execution history" block, the "Additional information" column. The default correction time is 24 hours. You can extend the correction time at your discretion.
    • If you do not do any of the above actions for a week, the order automatically closes as done, and the translator receives a fee for the work.
  • If the edited version is not uploaded on time, your order will be automatically re-published. Reserved credits are returned to your balance sheet until another translator takes the order.
  • After the third correction, the translator or the customer can apply for Arbitration. In this case, the order changes its status to "In Arbitration" until the Arbitration panel makes its decision.
  • The Arbitration panel will only consider the result of the work of the translator and the comments on the order between the customer and the translator inside the BuyTranslation marketplace in making its decision.

Partner Program

What is the BuyTranslations partner program?

By participating in our partner program, you will receive a reward of 2% of each payment of the customer who you have referred to

The money earned will be automatically credited to your balance in the form of additional credits every time when any of the customers you referred makes payment for a new order.

How are funds accrued through the partner program?

Immediately after the order completion, the user is credited with 2% of the order amount.

Who are the referrals?

Referrals are customers who registered on the recommendation of our partner. In this case, the recommendation is provided by a "referral link", according to which the system uniquely identifies you as a partner who invited a new customer.

It is forbidden to register a second account with your own referral link.

Will my referral pay more than other customers?

In no case! Each Customer on the BuyTranslation marketplace pays exactly as much as he wants to pay for his order. No additional fees for referrals are appointed. The reward, which is assigned to you as a partner, is automatically paid out of the total amount of the order.

How can I send an invitation to a friend?

In the "Partner Program" > "Send an invitation to a friend" enter your friend's name and email address (e-mail). Your friend will receive an invitation on your behalf. If your friend signs up for this invitation, then he/she will automatically become your referral.

How do I know who my referral is?

Please see the section "Affiliate Program" > "Referral Statistics". In addition, here you can see information on the number of completed orders and the amount of earnings from each referral.

To find a translator

Use the search filter in the "Find a translator" section to find a translator by the login, the direction of translation, the level of translation, the number of orders completed and other important criteria.

If I only want to choose one translator for my order in one language direction, how can I do this?
  1. In the "Find a translator" section, use the "Direction of translation" filter and choose which language you want to translate from and to.
  2. Click the "Suggest a job" button. This will automatically add this translator to your favorites list.
  3. The form for adding a new order will open. Fill in all required fields and click "Suggest a job".
How can I send a notice to the translator about the new order?

The system automatically notifies translators about each new order; therefore, the customer is not required to inform the translator of a new order.

Information about the translator

At the BuyTranslation translation marketplace, each translator has a personal page where you can find out details about them: the directions of translations performed by them, the native language of the translator, the statistics of his/her orders, the score for translations, education, reviews, work experience and other useful information that help customers to evaluate the professional qualities of a translator better.

How can a customer submit a review for a translator?

After completing the work, the "Leave a feedback" button will appear on the order page.

Is the education of a translator checked?

Yes, the administration of the BuyTranslation translation marketplace makes a manual check of all sent copies of the translator's education. The page "Information about the translator" shows the status of his education check.

BuyTranslation does not check the authenticity of copies.

The authenticity of the documents remains on the conscience of the translator.

What does the level of translator mean and how to earn it?

The higher the level of a translator is, the higher the probability of high-quality services.

Translator’s level





A translator of the "Beginning" level is usually a person who is just starting to provide translation services through the portal. The initial level still does not say anything about the professionalism of a translator. It is possible that a highly qualified translator has just started offering his services through the portal and will soon move to a higher level. Nevertheless, it always makes sense for the Customer to pay attention to the work history and feedback of a translator (if any). It should also be taken into account that the lower the level of the translator, the higher the competition for orders. For this reason, the average cost of translations at this level may be lower.


A translator of the level "Experienced" is a person who has already established himself on the portal and has a certain portfolio of successfully fulfilled orders for his clients. Considering that the translator of the level "Experienced" is a person who confirms his reputation with statistics and positive feedbacks from previous customers, the quality guarantee for the Customer increases.


A translator of the level "Professional" is a person who has long established himself on the portal with the largest portfolio of successfully fulfilled orders. A translator of the level "Professional" constantly confirms his/her qualification in practice. Translators of this level are most active in providing services through the portal and confirm their experience with a high average score received for completed orders from satisfied customers. Quality guarantees for the Customer are even greater.



Can execute up to 3 orders at a time. Only those orders where the customer allows translators of the "Beginner" level to participate in the appropriate language directions are available to the translator.

Can execute up to 10 orders at a time. Only those orders where the customer allows translators of the "Beginner" and “Experienced” levels to participate in the appropriate language directions are available to the translator.

Can take up to 20 orders at a time. Take an unlimited number of orders from customers for whom you are a favorite. Take orders to fulfill at any level in the appropriate language directions.

How is the
translator’s average score

The average score of a translator is the arithmetic mean of the last 20 orders completed on a 4 * scale, where the amount of each order is at least 10 credits. If the number of such orders for a translator has not yet reached 20, then the evaluation is counted only for all previously completed orders. Grading of assessments for translators for the rendered translation service: 1 * - the service is rendered poorly; 2 * - the service is rendered poorly rather than well; 3 * - the service is rendered well rather than badly; 4 * - the service is good / excellent.

for obtaining
a level

To have a profile on the site

1. To successfully complete 5 orders in a row. 2. The amount credited by the translator from the moment of his registration on the portal should be at least 20 credits. 3. The average score of the translator should not be less than 2.75 * (see "How the translator's average score is calculated").

1. If you have the level of "Experienced", to successfully complete 10 orders in a row. 2. The amount credited by the translator from the moment of his registration on the portal should be at least 100 credits. 3. The average score of the translator should not be lower than 3.0 * (see "How the translator's average score is calculated ").

Conditions for
lowering the level
of a translator


The level of the "Experienced" translator can be lowered to "Beginner" in the case of: 1. The unsuccessful completion of 3 orders in a row. 2. If the translator has not logged into the portal for 2 months. 3. The average translator's score fell below 2.75*(see "How the translator's average score is calculated").

The "Professional" level of the translator can be lowered to "Experienced" in the case of: 1. The unsuccessful completion of 3 orders in a row. 2. If the translator has not logged into the Portal for 2 months. In this case, the translator automatically goes down to the "Beginner" level. 3. The average translator's score dropped below 3.0*(see "How the translator's average score is calculated").

BuyTranslations reserves the right to change the conditions for assigning ratings without prior notice in order to improve the quality of services.

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