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Thanks to the latest technologies, the world around us is getting closer every day. It is often essential to provide information about yourself in different languages in order to cooperate actively with people and companies from all over the world.

Translators are those specialists who will help to solve the task of text translation. But where can you find translators who will quickly and accurately translate into several languages, and provide value for money?

All these issues are easily solved by the BuyTranslations project - a specialized translation exchange market that brings together customers and translators from around the world, providing a platform for remote online collaboration.

Market potential

  1. The market potential of our services is the entire world.
  2. Global market volume of translations was 49.0 billion dollars in 2019. 1
  3. The growth rate of the translation market is 5% per year.

1 According to the Independent Research Firm, Common Sense Advisory.

With our help

  1. Familiar work systems gradually become obsolete.
  2. The ability to work directly from home through the Internet has already become the norm.
  3. Translators from different parts of the world can work directly with customers, selecting interesting orders and earning money in their areas of expertise.
  4. Ordering translations and translating texts becomes cheaper, more reliable and more convenient.
  5. The benefits of using BuyTranslations are obvious to all market participants.

Our plans

Taking into consideration the requirements of the market of translation services, we will constantly develop the BuyTranslations project in order to be the leading translation exchange market.

Connect with us

If you are interested in cooperating with BuyTranslations, please contact us by e-mail or by phone +371 67551357, +371 22075207.

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