Lietošanas nosacījumi (angļu valodā)

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) is an agreement between you (“You”, “Client”, “User”) and BUYTRANSLATIONS LIMITED (“BuyTranslations”, “We”, “Our Site” or “Portal”) with respect to any services (“Services”), which offers BuyTranslations site. The agreement establishes rules that control access to the Site and use of the Site, including the order and the provision of translation services between the Clients of the Site.

You must read, agree to, and accept all of the terms contained in this Agreement in order to use our website, which address is or is located under other addresses “affiliated” by us, that are owned or managed by our branches or ourselves (together, “Site” or “Portal”). All services, applications, utilities and tools that are available through the website are considered to be the services of the Site (“Services”), except the freelancers’ services (“Freelancer”, “Supplier”, “Contractor”, “Translator”).

BuyTranslations reserves the right to change this Agreement at any time. You agree to check from time to time the current version of the Agreement on the site, and waive any claims with respect to this issue.

Registration, access, view and / or other use of the Site or the Services shall be allowed only if you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to all Terms of the Agreement.

If you do not agree to all Terms or any part of the Terms, you must cease use of the Site and Services that offers the Site.

1. Digital Signature

By registering a profile (“Profile”, “Account”) on BuyTranslations site, it is assumed that you have entered into this Agreement electronically and it is effective as of the date that corresponds to the Account registration date. Account registration implies that you are able to receive electronically, download and print this Agreement.

Upon successful registration you become a Member of the Site (“User” or “Client”). You agree to all applicable terms of this Agreement for as long as you remain a Member.

2. Consent to the Use of Electronic Records

Taking into consideration this Agreement, you may be eligible to receive documentation such as contracts, notes, communication, answers in written form. You give us permission to provide this information in electronic format rather than paper form to facilitate the use of the Site and Site Services.

2.1. Your consent and the right to withdraw consent

By registering an account on the site you agree to get access to the site and receive all information from the site including all records and reports that are related to the site services, which are provided under this Agreement and which we would have had to provide alternately in paper form.

However, we reserve the right to communicate with you in paper form, for example, via mail and may require you to do the same.

You can refuse to receive electronically any information from us. In this case, you agree to immediately remove your Account on our website. If you refuse to receive information electronically, this means that we have full right to remove your access to the site and the services of the site at any time and you can't use and have no right to use them anymore.

If you refuse to receive a message electronically and inform us about it, then we may need time to process your request. You agree that we may still send you information electronically until we will not accept and finally process your application.

2.2. E-mail address and other details of your account must always be up to date

In order to be sure that all of our messages, letters, notices, and so on reach to you electronically, you must always specify your current email box by updating the profile data of your account. All other data you provide (contact, legal information, etc.) should also be relevant and reliable.

2.3. Hardware of software that you need

In order to have access and receive all the records and information that we have sent to you, you must have:

  • current versions of the software, plug-ins, browser, and so on;
  • actual and true email box;
  • internet access;
  • computer that runs on Mac platform or WINDOWS, Linux, and so on;
  • necessary programs, by which you can open .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .xls, .pdf, .jpeg, .gif, .png files in case of sending such;
  • printer. You must keep the copies of received from us notifications in printed form.

By signing this agreement, you agree that:

  • you meet the requirements of hardware and software, which are indicated in this agreement.
  • you have read all the terms of the agreement and agree to receive records in electronic format.
  • You agree to the terms for as long as you do not refuse your consent. If you decide to refuse your consent, you agree to do it in such a manner that is indicated in this agreement.

3. BuyTranslations Accounts

3.1. The acceptability of the Account

In order to use the services of the Site you must register an Account. BuyTranslations provides site services for your business and in no way for your personal, household and consumer purposes. In this case, an exception may be a person who is registered on the Portal as a Customer for ordering the service(s) of the Freelancer(s) for own purposes.

If you undertake a task as a Freelancer, then you have to own and claim that own and conduct an independent business (whether that is the status of self-employed individual/sole proprietor, company and so on).

Utilizing the site services shall only be allowed for persons who have a legal right to enter into such a contracts, and you acknowledge that you act as such person. By using the Site, you claim that you came of age under the laws of your country and you are at least 18 years of age.

When you register your Account, you agree to all the terms of this agreement, including:

  • you assume all financial responsibility for the use of the Site, including the purchase of Freelancers’ services, or for delivery of services as a Freelancer.
  • You are obliged to comply with all procedures, processes, and instructions of this agreement and the other instructions of the Site, which publishes the website or are sent to you from us.
  • You agree to fulfill your obligations as specified in this agreement.

You or BuyTranslations may terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason. For the termination of the Agreement, it suffices to send a written notice to the other party via e-mail. If a notice of the termination of the Agreement is accepted on the part of BuyTranslations, then it shall enter into force from the date of sending a notification from our server to your email provided by you at the moment of registration, or to other current email address provided by you later. If you send a notice of termination of the Agreement, BuyTranslations on its part has the right to confirm it within the time that is necessary for us to process your notice. At the same time your account on the Site shall be blocked without obligation on the part of BuyTranslations to make a payment, provide discount or make a refund on the part of BuyTranslations.

Nevertheless, Buy Translations reserves the right to suspend or block your account on the Site at any time without prior notice, if you violate this Agreement or any other Terms published on the Site from time to time.

3.2. Account registration

By registering an account, you agree to provide true, complete and accurate information about you through filling in forms and profile data, which are available on the Site. You agree to check the relevance of the indicated information no less than once a week and maintain its relevance and credibility. You have no right to provide false information about your location. You cannot register more than one account as a Customer, and more than one account as a Freelancer without our written permission. This means that “You” is you. For this reason, any actions of a person trusted by you and/or a person that you control, including family members who may or may theoretically login to your account and perform some actions on your behalf are considered as your actions.

3.3. Authorization and verification data

When you register an account, we will ask you to choose a login and specify a password for your account.

You are absolutely responsible for protecting and maintaining the confidentiality of the access to your Account.

You agree that we assume that anyone who would use the Site through your Account, has your permission to do so and that you gave to that person full right and power of attorney to act on your behalf. You must immediately notify us about the cases, when someone uses your account and you did not know about it.

When you register an account, you realize and agree that your account may be checked, which includes, but not limited to checking of your state or legal documents, that confirm your identity and right to conduct entrepreneurial activity.

You give full right to BuyTranslations to act directly or through a third party for executing requests that are necessary to verify your identity and your data, including contact information. Rejection or failure to provide us the necessary information in requested by us term and form is a violation of this agreement.

3.4. Reviews and ratings

Buy Translations recommends you to post objective reviews about the Site Users with whom you collaborated or made transaction(s). You acknowledge and agree that public data and review from the Users with whom you collaborated or made transaction(s) may be available on the Site.

You understand that the reviews that are left about you by the other Members may contain evaluation and verbal comments. You agree that BuyTranslations can draw conclusions about you based on these ratings, and may publish this aggregate information in the data of your Account, which can be available to the users of the Site.

If you are a Freelancer, you agree to receive evaluations for the work done by you in a form that Customers are proposed to make on the Site.

If you are a Customer, you are also willing to receive evaluations and reviews in a form that Freelancers are proposed to make on the Site.

The portal may not provide opportunity to leave ratings or reviews.

The site offers the possibility of ratings and reviews about the work and actions of the users as a tool, through which the users can express publicly their opinions and BuyTranslations does not lay any censorial restrictions on these opinions and does not investigate the fairness of the left evaluations and reviews until the User draws the attention of the Site.

If the court considers that your comments are not legally correct and offensive, You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for your comments. BuyTranslations is not legally responsible for any comments left by the Users on the Site, even if the information is falsified, untruthful or offensive.

4. Site Assignment, Site Services and Legal Form of Cooperation of the Parties

4.1. Site services

BuyTranslations - is a site designed to identify Freelancers - translators of texts (“Freelancer”, “Supplier”, “Contractor”, “Translator”) and Customers (“Customers of Services”, “Customers”) and to provide them a platform for interaction / collaboration with each other in order to purchase and sale online the services of Freelancers.

In accordance with the terms of this agreement, BuyTranslations provides Site services for Customers and for Freelancers, which include hosting, site maintenance, the possibility to create orders and execution terms for Customers and the possibility for Freelancers to agree to the terms of the proposed order in order to provide their services. BuyTranslations also provides dispute resolution service (“Arbitrage”) between Customers and Freelancers, which may occur during their collaboration on the orders.

4.2. Form of cooperation and other terms

When Customer submits an order through the website and the parties (Customer and Freelancer) start the cooperation agreeing on execution terms, they realize that enter into a contract for rendering of services just among themselves. Customers use the Site for finding and recruiting a contractor, hiring, managing order(s) and payment services, or receiving payment for rendered services.

You as a customer of the Site acknowledge and agree that the contract of rendering Services of translating texts is formed among themselves: Customer and Freelancer, and there is no employment agreement between BuyTranslations and freelancer (s) under any circumstances.

BuyTranslations is not involved in issues for Clients related to social protection, is not responsible for compensation of freelancers in case of lack of work and does not solve for Customers any other issues related to taxes. Each of the customers is solely responsible for all taxes and payments that are necessary to perform according to his/her local legislation.

BuyTranslations does not provide traditional translation services. BuyTranslations does not guarantee the accuracy, quality, safety or validity of translations, provided by freelancers. BuyTranslations does not guarantee the reliability of Freelancers’ linguistic skills, and that Freelancer or Customer will actually complete a deal.

You acknowledge and agree that BuyTranslations is not responsible for any loss or damage, which you might incur as a result of use of the Site, and, as a result of the accuracy and / or incomplete translations provided to Customer(s) by Freelancer(s).

4.3. Bills and taxes

BuyTranslations is not responsible for determining necessity or issuing any official bills to Clients. BuyTranslations does not determine, transfer and does not withhold any taxes that may apply to the freelancer (s).

Freelancer agrees that he/she considers his/her legal status and all the other circumstances for conducting his/her activities through the Site. Freelancer is solely responsible for making tax payments and is obliged to identify and consider the following:

  • Whether the law requires from the freelancer or BuyTranslations to make tax payments to specific tax authority, for example value-added tax or other taxes that may apply to Freelancer’s earnings. Freelancer agrees to pay taxes to relevant tax authority as required: on his own behalf or on behalf of BuyTranslations and
  • if required by law, BuyTranslations can hold an appropriate amount of money of the Freelancer with the purpose or prior to the settlement of tax issues considering the activities of the Freelancer. For example, to pay the necessary taxes and pennies to certain tax authority considering the activities of the Freelancer.
  • In case of an audit the Freelancer agrees and undertakes to cooperate promptly with BuyTranslations and provide all necessary documents and copies of documents about the legal status of the freelancer, tax amounts, including paid or unpaid taxes and in order to clarify other issues arising from that.
  • Freelancer is an independent legal entity. Freelancer conducts his/her own business, as it is introduced to BuyTranslations and the Freelancer confirms it.

If you are customer, you assume full responsibility for determining Freelancer’s status: whether he/she is an independent contractor or your employee.

5. Balance, Payment and Payout Terms

5.1. Customer balance

For the realization of the Freelancers’ services order, BuyTranslations allows the Customer (s) to deposit funds on their balance using one of the proposed payment systems. Customer spends this balance on Freelancers’ services. The balance is converted and / or expressed in credit points, where one (1) credit point is equal to 1 (one) EUR. For example, if the Customer loads $ 50 (without fees for transaction), then on his/her account will be 50 credit points, by which the Customer pays for the work to Freelancers.

As far as the balance is available on the account of the Customer, the Customer agrees that he/she does not pretend to any percentage from that, until the balance is in his/her account up to his/her orders’ execution, no matter how long the balance was on his/her account.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that he/she will not and cannot ask for a refund from neither BuyTranslations nor bank, or other company, which ensured the payment for the Customer. BuyTranslations is not a Freelancer and it is considered that the money is already deposited as a prepayment for Freelancers in consideration for rendered services, which the customer is obliged to use. It is recommended to the Customer and he/she must deposit as much money on his/her balance as he/she needs to make payment to Freelancers for rendered services and not to keep excess funds / credit points on the balance of his/her Account If BuyTranslations received a request from the Customer to delete the Profile, BuyTranslations may, at its discretion, make a refund to the Customer. Consideration of such a kind of application by the Portal may take not less than 7 (seven) days. The Customer agrees to pay the fee in the amount of 10 (ten) credit points to the Portal for the request to withdraw funds and delete the Customer Profile. At the same time, BuyTranlations guarantees that the fee of the Portal may not exceed the Customer’s balance on their Profile at the time of sending such a kind of request.

The Customer agrees to receive funds from BuyTranslations using one of the currently available payment systems. Also, the Customer confirms that the Customer has or will have the possibility to receive funds using the payment system of their choice from those offered by BuyTranslations.

If the customer initiates a chargeback violating this Agreement, BuyTranslations can dispute and / or appeal a request for the customer chargeback.

The customer takes into service, gives power and all authority to BuyTranslations for withdrawing the credit points from the balance of the Customer and depositing for those freelancers, with whom the Customer collaborated, collaborates or will collaborate on his/her orders.

5.2. Balance of translators and payment for site services

Before the Freelancer takes on the order execution from the Customer and proceed to the appropriate translation of the text, he/she must review the size of fee in credit points, where 1 credit point is equal to 1 EURO, which the Freelancer will receive for execution of the order. BuyTranslations has the right at any time to peg the credit points to another currency. In this case, all existing credit points of the Client(s) of the Portal will be converted at the official rate, current at the date and time of such pegging to another currency.

As the Freelancer takes on the execution of new orders from the Customers and executes them, delivering them to the Customer (s), Freelancer’s balance accumulates with each successful execution of the orders. While the balance accumulates on the Freelancer’s account, the Freelancer agrees that he/she does not pretend to any percentage from that, until the accumulated balance is in his/her account up to the disbursement of funds, no matter how long the balance was on his/her account.

The disbursement to Freelancer from the balance occurs only upon request and may take not less than 7 (seven) days as from the date of receiving the request. Freelancer agrees that we will not pay him the accumulated funds, until we receive from you an appropriate request. You agree that you will receive funds from BuyTranslations using one of the currently available payment systems, and you confirm that you are able to receive funds through the chosen payment system from the systems that we offer. The minimum amount for withdrawal of funds is 10 credits (10 EURO). The Freelancer agrees to receive funds from BuyTranslations using one of the currently available payment systems. Also, the Freelancer confirms that the Freelancer has or will have the possibility to receive funds using the payment system of their choice from those offered by BuyTranslations.

The Freelancer is aware and agrees that in case of violation of these terms by the Freelancer, BuyTranslations has the right to refuse payment to the Freelancer, cancel existing credit points, block/delete the Profile.

If payment has been made as a result of error or there was some form of deception on the part of Clients of the Site, relevant to the payment, and these funds were already used for making payment to the Freelancer, then the Freelancer is obliged to return the funds to BuyTranslations.

We can also delay payment until we clarify the following circumstances:

  • we have reasons to suppose that the fee of the Freelancer may be a subject of dispute, or chargeback,
  • we request additional information, such as Freelancer’s passport, address, and other personal information,
  • we consider that there is a risk of fraud,
  • we suspect that the rendered services of the Freelancer were unscrupulous regarding to agreements with Customer and / or the Site under this agreement or other terms,
  • we consider it necessary to conduct an investigation,
  • In the case of fraud, abuse or violation of the provisions of this Agreement, BuyTranslations reserves the right to cancel the guarantee of payment to the Freelancer.

5.3. Commissions on payments

Commissions for cash transactions at replenishing the balance or withdrawal of funds do not fall on the site, but on the Customer or Freelancer, for example, at replenishing the balance or withdrawal of freelancer’s funds from his/her balance.

If the customer decides to replenish the balance, or if the Client decides to order a disbursement of money into his/her account or purse in not EURO but in other currency, then BuyTranslations has full right to add its commission for the conversion in the amount from 1.5% of the balance plus Freelancer pays all commissions required for the conversion and transfer of money on the part of banks, and other financial and payment institutions, that are involved in making payment. You as a customer of the site acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for currency fluctuations in case of currency conversions at the time of transfers, that might be assigned to you by servicing bank or financial institution.

5.4. Commissions for site services

When the customer pays for the freelancer’s services then applies a commission in the amount of 20% and is distributed to the address of BuyTranslations for rendered Site services (p.4.1). Freelancer agrees to pay that commission for rendered Site services (p.4.1), which earns BuyTranslations.

Customer agrees that the Site has the right to offer other paid services, which the Customer agrees to pay with his consent.

5.5. Zero commissions for the registration, finding freelancers or finding orders

BuyTranslations does not introduce Customers and Freelancers and does not help in finding orders for Freelancers. BuyTranslations simply provides access to the Site services, so that Freelancers have had the opportunity to find orders independently.

For this reason, BuyTranslations does not take commission when Freelancer finds a Customer who is suitable for him/her and starts to execute order(s).

However, Customer and Freelancer together must use the services of the Site for making payment and receiving the payment for their work.

6. Privacy & Security Policy

When you register on the site, you need to create your “Account” and fill in the profile with information about yourself. Your account may include but is not limited to what is usually called “personal information”. For example, user name, e-mail address, as well as other general information that you want to inform about yourself.

BuyTranslations strictly controls storage and use of any confidential data, with using standard tools and techniques to protect privacy. Nevertheless, all security measures can be bypassed. For that reason we do not provide any guarantees regarding the protection of your personal information. We do not provide guarantees that any personal information you have provided us will not become public under any circumstances. You should be aware that any information sent to the Site, may potentially be publicly available.

BuyTranslations does not guarantee that your identity, phone number, work or home address, and other personal or contact information will not be available to others.

BuyTranslations uses your personal information to provide the Site Services. However, your profile may not be shown to other Clients of the Site.

Customer and Freelancer can communicate with each other within the project only through the features provided by the Site and have no right to bypass the proposed means of communication and interaction with each other.

You are not allowed to inform each other your personal information: email address, username, PayPal, Whatsup, Viber, AIM, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, SKYPE ID and other contact information, which identifies you outside of the BuyTranslations.

BuyTranslations allows the customer to send their texts for translation (“Original Texts”) through the Site and also allows Freelancers to preview the contents of the Original Texts within the site before accepting the work to translate the relevant texts. Any information that the customer includes in Original Texts, may become public. For that reason you should exercise caution at disclosing confidential information in the Original Texts.

BuyTranslations can store information, including your personal information that you provide for use of the Site Services. We keep this information on servers that are controlled by us or third parties, with whom we have a contractual relationship. Archival information will not usually be removed as long as your account will not be completely removed from the Site. However, even in this case, we may store some or all of your information in the backup files of the Site. However, we do not assume any obligations or guarantees to keep any of your information and do not guarantee that any stored information will be available to you later.

BuyTranslations has the right to use your personal information for auditing, research and analysis, operational management and improvement of the Sites Services that we offer. However, we will not disclose your personal information except the following situations:

  • BuyTranslations can provide information to third parties with whom we have a contractual relationship or partnership to provide and improve our services.
  • In case of change of ownership to a large extent or the entire business or the assets of BuyTranslations, Your personal information will likely be transferred to the new owner.
  • BuyTranslations may transfer to third parties with whom we have confidentiality agreement Original Texts in general or partial form in order to provide and improve our Services.
  • BuyTranslations may use your personal information to send you promotional messages or news of the Site. If you do not wish to receive promotional messages or news of the Site from BuyTranslations, please mark the appropriate option in the profile settings of your account on the Site. However, BuyTranslations reserves the right to send you certain messages related to the Site Services. It can be announcements about new Services and system messages without possibility of refusal to receive them, as well as other messages, which we may consider as crucial for the provision of our Services.
  • BuyTranslations may be obliged to disclose customer information as required by law, for example, upon receiving subpoena or court decision, and in accordance with current legislation. In addition, BuyTranslations may transfer your personal and other information, if we consider that it may be required by law or for protection of interests or property of BuyTranslations. This may include the transfer of your information to other companies, lawyers, agents or government agencies.

7. Service Description and Payments

BuyTranslations offers different range of tools, services, products and other resources on the Site for Freelancers and Customers.

First, Customers buy credits using payment systems that are available on the Site, and then they use these credits for collaboration with the Freelancers through the Site. If the Customer created and published an order for text translation, then he/she can cancel his/her order only if this order and its terms were not yet accepted by one of the Freelancers.

The Customers can establish and offer their terms for translation of Original Texts, including the cost and terms of the order (s).

If the Freelancer receives an offer from the Customer to execute any work related to translating of Original Texts, then the Freelancer can but is not obliged to agree to the proposed terms.

The Freelancers can make counter proposals on the execution of the order (s) and offer their terms, including cost and deadlines.

If the Customer receives from the Freelancer counter proposals to translate Original Texts, then the Customer can, but is not obliged to agree to these terms.

If the Customer does not offer any particular Freelancer to perform the order he created, then the order (s) for translation fall into the general pool of the Site, where the Freelancers can review and select orders for translation of Original Texts, that is, the order may take any freelancer to execute. Before completing the order, the Customers can review the results of works (“Translated Texts”) of the Freelancers related to translating Original Texts.

The customer can accept or reject received Translated Texts.

If the customer rejects the Translated Texts within 72 hours from the moment of their loading on site by the Freelancer, then the Customer is obliged to explain the reason for refusal, and the Freelancer is obliged to make corrections in the Translated texts within 24 hours. The Freelancer can offer Customer to increase the time for making corrections. The customer may but is not obliged to increase the time for making corrections. If the customer increases the time for making corrections, then the deadline for making corrections increases by the value that specifies the Customer.

If the Customer does not accept or does not reject the Translated Texts within 72 hours from the moment of their loading on the Site by the Freelancer, then BuyTranslations closes, automatically this deal. When the order is successfully completed, the Freelancer receives payment for the order execution, and the Customer receives the right to use Translated Texts.

Any execution dates of Site Services are approximate. If BuyTranslations does not insist directly other, time is not considered as a violation of delivery or execution of Services, and any delays do not give you the right to reject the delivery or execution of the Site Services.

8. Responsibility

  1. You acknowledge that Original Texts that you download on the Site through the Internet, cannot be fully protected from the risk of interception even in case of transmitting in an encrypted form, and that BuyTranslations is not responsible for any loss, damage or interception of any Original Texts during uploading them on the Website or transferring to you.
  2. BuyTranslations is not responsible for loss of the Original Texts, submitted to the Site by the Customer, or the Original Texts, submitted to the Site by the Freelancer ( for example, because of a hacker attack, or other technical failures). The customer of the Site is obligated to keep independently the copies of the documents on his/her equipment.
  3. BuyTranslations is not responsible before the Clients of the Site, if a hacker attack on the site or any technical failure of the Site made it impossible for the Clients of the Site to use the Site for some time and thus it affected the completion date of the Order. You as a Client agree that you are aware about and are prepared for them, if they occur.
  4. The responsibility of BuyTranslations before the Customer extends only to the provision of Site Services and also is limited as follows:
    • BuyTranslations is not responsible for loss of profit, business, contracts, revenue, injury to reputation or any other indirect or implied losses or damages.
    • The maximum possible financial responsibility of BuyTranslations before the Customer may only extended in case of the violation of the Site Services’ provision according to this Agreement and terms of the Site. In no case does our responsibility extend to the Translated Texts of the Freelancers. The extent of maximum liability of BuyTranslations cannot exceed the amount of the commission of the Site (p.5.4.), which BuyTranslations receives for assisting the Clients of the Site during specific (-s) deal (-s) in the case of our violations of this agreement during the provision of the order. If the Commission of BuyTranslations from your orders as Customers and as Freelancers who performs active orders, is more than 50 EUR, that is, the cost of the orders on deals between the Customer and Freelancers is higher according to the formula than: “50 / indicated percentage in p. 5.4 of this Agreement” EUROS, then you agree that anyway, the responsibility of BuyTranslations is limited to $ 50. For this reason, if the budget of your orders exceeds “50 / indicated percentage in p. 5.4 of this Agreement” EUROS, then BuyTranslations recommends Customers and Freelancers to share orders and execute them gradually to avoid risks and improve the reliability of collaboration with the Clients of the Site.
    • If the order was completed / closed by Clients of the Site or Arbitration of the Site and credits/funds for the order were withdrawn from the Customer and posted to the balance of the Freelancer with Site’s commission deducted, then BuyTranslations is no longer responsible for the order and it is considered that the order is executed and performed according to all requirements of the Customers.
  5. The Freelancer is responsible before the Customer for Translated Texts, as a person providing translation services, in other words as a Service Provider. Freelancer is obliged to provide his/her services qualitatively and execute them at the agreed time. The Freelancer defines and controls method and manner for provision of Freelancer’s Services.
  6. If the Customer of the Site terminates this Agreement for example, removing his/her Account from the Site, he agrees that it does not relieve him/her from responsibility for his/her actions under this agreement, which he/she performed while using Site Services.

9. Intellectual Property

  1. Using BuyTranslations site, you represent and warrant that you have all necessary rights for Original Texts, and the Original Texts do not violate the rights of third parties. You agree that you will compensate for any damage and have no claim against BuyTranslations, as well as branches, current and previous directors, officials and employees of BuyTranslations on any requirement made by third parties in respect of infringement of copyright. All intellectual property rights (including but not limited to, copyrights) in Original Texts shall belong to you or your licensors. Freelancer transfers all intellectual property rights on Translated Texts to Customer at the moment of receiving full payment from BuyTranslations.
  2. Solely for the purpose of providing and improving Site Services, you grant and agree to provide BuyTranslations and its subcontractors eternal, worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable and transferable license to store, use, modify, reproduce, distribute, display, transmit, translate, adapt, create derivative works, display in audio or other format, publicly perform and otherwise use the Original Texts and the Translated Texts using any means and any other technology now existing or developed in the future.
  3. Any pages and content of BuyTranslations Site are protected by copyright and may not be copied, distributed, modified, published, or transferred in any form, including, but not limited to, any use for creative work or for sale or promote other products or services. Violation of this restriction may lead to violation of intellectual property rights and to substantial civil and criminal penalties. Title “Buy Translations” and other identifying marks of Buy Translations are the property of Buy Translations. You have no right to use these marks for any purpose without prior written permission of BuyTranslations. Except as expressly provided above, this Agreement does not grant you any express, implied or other license or right under any patent, trademark or copyright of BuyTranslations.

10. Settlement of Disputes between Clients of the Site

  1. BuyTranslations provides Arbitration services to resolve disputes between Clients of the site considering their collaboration with each other. Arbitrage is an independent dispute resolution system between Clients of the Site, which they cannot solve independently. Customer and Freelancer can apply to Arbitrage where the Freelancer did corrections, which repeated three or more times (depending on the settings of the Site at the time of order).
  2. Clients of the Site may apply to Arbitrage of BuyTranslations in cases where the customer and Freelancer cannot agree on order completion, namely, that the translation provided by Freelancer does not meet the requirements that claimed Customer and the number of improvements by the order reached the set limit (p.10.1). A possibility to apply to Arbitrage regarding the Customer's order is available in the following cases:
    • If Customer asks Freelancer once again to correct and / or improve the translation, but Freelancer considers that he/she performed his work in accordance with required quality and deadlines, then Freelancer can apply to Arbitrage.
    • If the customer considers useless to continue further improvements on the order and thinks that the quality of Freelancer’s translation does not meet the requirements agreed in the order, then he/she can apply to Arbitrage.
  3. Any disputes concerning the agreement and execution of orders between freelancers and customers are settled in Arbitrage of BuyTranslations at its discretion. You relieve BuyTranslations from the responsibility, any kind of claims, demands and damages (direct or indirect) of any known or unknown type and nature in respect of such solution. You agree that the arbitration decision regarding disputes between you and other clients of the site may not be disputed, and is always reasonable.
  4. You agree that arbitration of the portal does not provide proofreading and correction services of Freelancers’ work, as well as does not help freelancers in the provision of services through the portal. Arbitration does not guarantee deep expert knowledge of the language through which your dispute may arise, but for its part will take all possible measures to understand the disputable situation, get acquainted with chronology of the order, materials, other factors and render its verdict on the dispute in favor of Customer or Freelancer.
  5. You realize that if arbitration will render the verdict, then the administration of the portal has the right to give Client a grade for the disputable order, that will affect Client’s rating on the portal.

11. Asseveration and Warranties for Members

As a client of the Site, you:

  • agree to use the Site and the Services only in the order, that is accepted and complies legally with all applicable laws and rules;
  • agree to follow the policy acceptable to use BuyTranslations and all other terms, related to the usage of Site Services, and not to transfer unsolicited messages, advertisements or any other type of persistent requests or proposals of products or services to other Clients of the Site;
  • Customer agrees not to offer to any Freelancer to make translation outside of the Site, and Freelancer agrees not to offer to any Customer to do his/her orders and / or provide the Original Texts outside of the Site;
  • You agree not to copy in any form, modify, publish, transmit, display, sell, distribute or reproduce copyrighted materials, trademarks, or other confidential information without prior written permission of BuyTranslations;
  • You agree that any information you send to any public part of the Site, you represent and guarantee automatically that you have the right to guarantee BuyTranslations and other Customers of the Site an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid, worldwide license to use, copy, perform, display and distribute such information and prepare derivative works based on the original information, or incorporate into other works, and to grant and authorize sublicenses of the foregoing;
  • agree that using the Site Services is entirely at your own risk, and you are solely responsible for your written, verbal or personal relationships with any other customers of the Site. BuyTranslations and its officials, directors, employees, agents, affiliates and third parties are not responsible for any damage that may be caused to you as a result of your contact in any form with any other Customers of the Site, including, but not limited to, emotional, verbal and physical abuse or violence;
  • agree not to publish or not to demonstrate to any other Client of the Site, any form of defamatory, libelous, defamatory, inaccurate, vulgar, obscene, sexually abusive, threatening, racial or illegal material, including, but not limited to nude photos of yourself or others, or others, pornographic photos, or images and any other type of unlawful or unacceptable material, as determined by BuyTranslations. We reserve the right to remove any type of similar material without prior notice.
  • agree that BuyTranslations is not responsible for any kind of defamatory, libelous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually abusive, threatening, racial or illegal behavior, which may be harmful to other Customers of the Site, including, but not limited to, emotional, verbal and physical abuse or damage;
  • agree to use the Site, the Services or the Site or your personal profile for the order or provision of translation services only;
  • agree not to carry out any illegal and / or unauthorized actions, including, but not limited to, names and / or e-mail address (e-mail) of Customers of the Site for the purpose of sending spam gathering, forwarding promotional or other offers to the other Clients of the Site through the Site, via email or other means out of the Site, and do not embed the Site in other sites without prior written permission of BuyTranslations. Such actions will be investigated, and appropriate legal action will be taken, including without limitation, civil, criminal and legal redress;
  • agree that in order to protect customers of the Site from inappropriate advertising or requests, as well as to ensure complete usage of the Site, BuyTranslations reserves the right to restrict access of all clients of the Site to all or certain parts of the Site Services, such levels of access are determined at the sole discretion of BuyTranslations only;
  • agree that BuyTranslations reserves the right to change any terms, rights, duties, privileges or establish extra fees for continuing to use the Services at any time with or without notice on such changes. All changes will be published on the Site or may be sent to you via e-mail at the discretion of BuyTranslations. You take responsibility for viewing information and terms of use. Continuing use of the Site Services or maintaining your profile on the Site after the published changes or sent to you by email, confirms your agreement to the changed Terms even if you haven't received, read the corresponding notice on the site or email, or it was lost during the transfer.
  • agree to defend, indemnify and protect BuyTranslations and its officials directors, employees, agents, affiliates and third parties from any losses, disbursements, liabilities and expenses (including reasonable payments for counsel services), related to or arising in connection with the use of the Site Services, including those associated with any violation by you of this Agreement or other Terms posted on the Site from time to time;
  • agree not to create multiple profiles to avoid fees, suspension or poor rating on BuyTranslations. If you are - Freelancer, you agree not to distribute any content received from the Site (information), including, but not limited to, Original Texts, Translated Texts, personal messages or documents.

You agree to immediately notify BuyTranslations about Clients who violate the terms of this agreement, if you become aware of it. You agree to send such information to

12. Other Terms

  1. BuyTranslations and its connected persons do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information on the Site, none of them accepts, approves and is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice or statement. BuyTranslations reserves the right, but is not obliged, on the basis of received complaints or on its own initiative, to control any messages or other activities and materials published in the public section of the Site, and check use, actions or content of any messages or other cooperation, that are published, sent or transferred through the Site.
  2. BuyTranslations has the right to, at its sole discretion remove any materials or profiles, no matter how BuyTranslations determines that these materials or profiles violate or allegedly violate the law or this Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, BuyTranslations is not responsible to control manage or edit any communications between clients of the Site. Using the Site, you understand that such messages may be offensive to you. You assume all responsibility and risk from the use of Site Services and in cooperation with Customers of the Site, and you alone are responsible for evaluating the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any actions of Customers, products, messages and other information.
  3. In no case BuyTranslations or its affiliates can be responsible for any incidental or consequential loss (including, but not limited to, any death threats, offense or injury caused by any other Customers of the Site, damages for loss of data, loss of programs, equipment damage, the cost of service interruptions or the need for procurement of substitute services), that arise during the use or unavailability of the Site Services, even if BuyTranslations, its agents or representatives know or have been warned about the possibility of such losses.
  4. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this document, in any case, the responsibility of BuyTranslations and its branches before you is always limited to the Site Services only (p.4.1) in case if BuyTranslations is wrong under this Agreement, and the maximum amount of liability Buy Translations cannot exceed stated in the p.7.4 of this agreement amount. Services are provided on the terms “as is” without any kind of warranties or terms: direct, indirect, regulatory, in any contacts with BuyTranslations, its affiliates or its representatives, or otherwise with respect to the Site Services. BuyTranslations assigns especially disclaimer of any implied warranties for merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.
  5. BuyTranslations and its affiliates do not warrant that use of the Services will be secure, uninterrupted, always available, error-free, will meet your requirements or that any possible failure on the Site will be corrected. BuyTranslations and its affiliates are not responsible regardless of the form of action for actions or inactivities of other Clients of the Site and third parties.
  6. All claims regarding the Site Services are being accepted within 48 hours of the event, because of which you have a claim. BuyTranslations assumes no liability before you, if you will send us your claim later than 48 hours from the time it is sent to us. Despite this BuyTranslations can assist you at its discretion to improve the quality of Service of the Site and monitor periodically Site’s Customers behavior.

13. Laws and Regulations

  1. You agree that this Agreement shall be governed by, interpreted and applied only in accordance with the laws of England. You agree that any dispute or claim arising from the use of the Site and / or Site Services will be governed by the laws and in the courts of England.
  2. All comments about our Site should be sent to us in written form, so that they can carry legal force:
    • our registered office address: Suite 312 Atlas House Caxton Close, Wigan, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, WN3 6XU;
    • to
  3. In the case of any inconsistency of the translated versions, Russian language version of this Agreement shall take precedence over any other language.
  4. The Site is controlled and operated by us in England (UK). Those who have access or use the Site in other jurisdictions do so on their own volition and is solely responsible for compliance with state and local laws and rules applicable to foreign persons, which include but not limited to:
    • egulations on Exports and imports;
    • taxation;
    • You also warrant that you are allowed to use the Site Services, such as considering possible sanctions against the country, from where/ where you conduct your business.
  5. You may only resolve disputes with us on an individual basis, and may not bring a claim as a plaintiff or a class member in a class, consolidated, or representative action.

14. Force Majeure

  1. Parties are not liable for any failure to execute or improper execution of terms of this Agreement, arising as a consequence of the following circumstances of force majeure: natural disasters, acts of war, issued laws and decisions of state power institutions, making it impossible for the Parties to fulfill obligations under the Agreement.
  2. In the event of force majeure mentioned in paragraph 14.1. of the agreement, the fulfillment of obligations shall be extended according to the action period of such circumstances.
  3. If the force majeure lasts longer than 60 days, any of the parties may notify the other parties of their intention to terminate their obligations. After that, if the force majeure continues for another 30 days, all obligations of the parties in accordance of this agreement and agreement itself is being declared void without any obligation for any of the Parties.
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