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Business, Culture, Industry, Jurisprudence, Politics, Science, Not specified

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Military Academy of the General Staff of the RF Ar (1993 - 1993)

Certificate - Defense Policy

Description: Higher Courses on Training of Leading Security and Defense Personnel of the Russian Federation

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Institute of the USA and Canada of the USSR/RF Aca (1988 - 1992)

PhD (Candidate of Political Sciences) - Post-graduate Study, Defense and Political Science

Description: I hold a PhD degree (POlitical Sciences). My thesis was dedicated to Defense History and Politics (namely, volunteer service in the U.S. Armed Forces).

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Moscow State Institute for History and Archives (1983 - 1988)

Diploma magna cum laudae - Management organization

Description: I hold an equivalent of Master's Degree in State Ofice Administration and Business Administration.


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  • Registered:from 15 february 2018
  • Place of residence:Moscow, Russian Federation


  • 01.02.2010 - Is this your current place of work? Translator - Own Business

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